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Cs Digital Design Services

We offer a drop in service at our Stratford workshop where people brief us on their work. This can range from a wide variety of formats going from CAD drawings, canvas prints, light boxes, roller banners, vehicle graphics and much more.

Cs Digital Design projects

Fat Turk
Is a high-end restaurant that had a clear vision of how the graphics would fit in with the décor. I went to the customer’s office and was able to take a brief. I enjoy this aspect of the job, it’s a very important process. You must have the ability to understand and explain back, managing their expectations. This helps develop the brand and assist.

Fountain Fabric
Were manufacturers in need of knowledge and understanding of the print industry. The time critical production was a complicated process. We had to develop boxes sales representatives could travel the world with. The boxes would be the first thing the client would see. They needed to hold fabric samples and look high end. We also incorporated a foam hanger hook, this would keep the product stationary in transit.

J&J Beauty Shop
Gave us the chance to help brand a new shop. After a brief on site, we were able to produce several ideas. We were able to help the customer develop and select a number of them. It’s always nice to get an understanding of the customer, and see the evolution of a brand.